Uses Of Hypnotherapy and NLP For Anxiety

Most of us feel some level of nerves and anxiety before interviews. The fear of the unknown, apprehensive of the mystery questions you’ll be asked, the embarrassment of your mind going blank, the pressure of being judged by a panel. And then there’s the imagined disaster scenarios of getting lost en route to the interview room. Most of us are able to overcome anxiety and achieve a successful interview even if we don’t get the job.

However, some people suffer from such extreme anxiety and nerves before an interview that it prevents them from attending altogether. Interview upon interview are cancelled at the last minute, with the sufferer unable to overcome anxiety and fear. This holds them back from advancing in their career, from getting that house-share, from securing that university place and so on.
This problem significantly affects the lives of those afflicted, who want to move forward, achieve greater things and be their very best but simply can’t overcome their fear. Feeling slightly nervous can be helpful in being quick, sharp and clear. But it’s when anxiety and nerves become all-consuming that the classic symptoms take over such as brain-freeze and even physical shaking!
When we feel such fear, adrenaline floods the body which is useful if you’re fleeing from danger. However in an interview situation, adrenaline is extremely unhelpful as it shuts down neurological brain pathways diverting all energy to your muscles ready for the fight or flight response.

But how to help anxiety? What if there was a way to overcome it and to actually get restful sleep in those preceding nights? Is it really possible to be free from nerves, to access your resourcefulness on the big day and prevent fear from getting in the way?

Hypnotherapy and NLP use techniques that help recondition your mind so interview anxiety and nerves won’t hinder your chances of success. As well as preparing all your notes and other interview material, it’s a good idea to also prepare how you will feel on the day. Instead of imagining (and therefore focusing) on each possible disaster in detail, these techniques help prepare how you will feel on the day. Hypnotherapy and NLP help train your conscious mind to focus on success, access a clear mind and feel confident, calm and resourceful ready for the interview.
Typically, treatment takes anything from one to three sessions to see the difference. Many experience total freedom from nerves and anxiety even before the biggest interview of their life. The fearful imaginings previously dreamed up or fear derived from past disastrous interviews simply become neutralised leaving you to get on with focusing on being your best.